Reliable phone records (CDR) analysis, in correlation with digital evidence

Today everyone has at least one device. It means a daily increasing amount of telecommunication exchanges, namely a valuable source of analysis for digital experts.

In particular:

  • The device and the content (IMEI, IMSI, messages, photos, positions etc.)
  • Cell Site Analysis – CSA (Call Detail Record, Historical Cell Site Location Information)

What is a CDR?

CDR (Call Detail Record) is a file, produced by the cellular providers (the carriers), containing information about telephone exchanges (e.g. calls). The record contains various attributes such as the date, time, duration, completion status, source number and destination number, amount of data transmitted or received, accordingly to the requested period.


How can CDR help during investigation?

Digital experts can take advantage using the stored information for investigation purposes, reconstructing the suspect’s movements and habits, junctions with other potential involved.

CDR and digital evidence at your fingertips

The software is already optimized with worldwide CDR structures and telephone operators in key file formats (.csv; .txt; .xls; .xslx; .pdf; .doc; .docx; .rtf).
It matches to mobile extractions from various sources: MSAB XRY (.xml), Cellebrite UFED (.ufdr) and Oxygen Forensics OXYGEN FORENSIC (.xml).
The solution also combines these results with wiretap transcripts, GPS tracks, highway traffic logs and other digital evidence.
The examination of BTS (Base Transceiver Station) coverage log files is performed by using data extracted with SecurCube BTS Tracker, a forensics hardware module for the real coverage survey of a cell towers environment.

Get what you need from your analysis

The software features an intuitive graphical interface which guides the investigators through the challenges of a digital forensic investigation.
Ideal for all levels of knowledge, the investigative approach offers intermediate results and a global overview that can highlight critical data and keeping the digital analysis free from errors.
The captions and alerts available in the main functions inform the user of the action in progress and the software user manual always supports the activity with a prompt reply at the right time.

Why choose PhoneLog as your CDR analysing tool

  • Smart data import
  • Creation of personalized importers
  • Work online and offline (for example on maps)
  • Group interesting facts as to dig into a users’ daily routine, statistics to profile mobile behavior
  • Intuitive exports with various formats for courtroom data presentation
  • Combine different evidence sources through a ‘guided’ or ‘advanced’ investigative technique
  • Map out of entities (users, IMEI, IMSI, subscribers, cell towers) closeness, time interactions and connections