Delve into forensics radio survey investigation scanning cell towers

Digital forensics is increasingly focusing on the field of RF (Radio Frequency) investigation, namely cell sites (BTS, acronym for Base Transceiver Station) coverage survey at the crime scene. Looking at RF environmental variables, which can affect the theoretical spectrum of the BTS provided by telephone operators, it is possible to reconstruct a reliable digital scenario, for example a likely suspect’s position or way of escape at the time of the crime.

SecurCube®BTS Tracker is the forensics hardware module which measures and verifies cell sites that cover and can serve a defined area of interest at the time of the scan. This information can also assist investigators in the search of the right phone record (CDR, acronym for Call Detail Record) to request from telephone operators, confirming or disproving one of the main suspects’ declaration: “I was at home when I texted it!”


The event took place in a suburb area of the town, not equipped with security cameras. No witness noticed the fact.
How can investigators verify a suspect’s alibi according to the testimony?
Investigators are able to start the analysis of the radio environment activity in order to detect cell sites that literally cover the whole area of interest, with conditions most similar to the day of the crime. According to the survey performed and BTS logs examination, they can specifically focus only on the group of cells with interesting parameters in order to understand the suspect’s mobile movements and a potential involvement. Asking for the traffic phone records (CDR) of these cells, investigators can search for some valuable junctions in terms of time, location and mobile events which happened under the coverage of these cell towers.

Gather just what you really need in your investigation

  • 2G/3G/4G technologies of every telephone operator
  • Specific BTS scans on demand
  • Accurate radio sensitivity (i.e. bands, frequencies)
  • Weak signal identification, unknown entities (i.e. femtocells)

Smart reconstruction of the digital scenario

  • Trusted module field test reconstruction with SecurCube®BTS Tracker Desktop SW
  • Understandable results available for everybody, experts or non-technical figures
  • Validity of the findings in the courtroom, certified by HASH code