LTE IMSI Catcher Detector
The preventive radio environment monitoring system for the identification of a hostile IMSI Catcher

What is an IMSI Catcher?

An IMSI Catcher is a cell phone monitoring kit that has active intercepting capabilities. It simulates a cell tower mobile network, establishing a fake connection between the mobile phone and the station. This means that once the IMSI Catcher enters the network it represents the strongest tower available and therefore attracts all surrounding devices. The device can capture various identifiable information including the IMSI and IMEI, respectively specific SIM card and cell phone identification codes. In addition, these type of devices are sometimes able to monitor a cell phone’s activities such as messages texts, calls, chats, etc.

Why it is important to detect IMSI Catchers?

SecurCube®LTE IMSI Catcher Detector is a system which runs a preventive action by measuring and determining the standard radio environment activity of a target location and highlighting the intentional use of any hostile IMSI Catchers in the area. The system operates in a fixed installation as to better design the radio environment outlook and the possible changes which occurred daily, weekly and monthly when the preventive action was performed. The purpose is to point out any factor, such as a higher cell tower signal or the entrance of a new code as a peak in the well-accepted scenario gathered.

IMSI Catchers can arise as a new cell tower or push an existing cell signal to attract and bring back mobile devices data to the area. Once this happens, SecurCube®LTE IMSI Catcher Detector sends a range of alerts to the representatives to whom the security is entrusted. Once the severity of the situation is verified, the required security operating procedure will be carried out using other dedicated technologies to free the area from the detected menace.