Digital Forensics Educational Programs – PhoneLog Lab

Our mission is to assist investigator expectations efficiently, providing cutting-edge digital forensics technology constantly updated to the latest investigative techniques.
Together with this objective, we have developed a series of educational programs and hands-on training experiences tailor-made to expand the knowledge of future investigators and professionals in the field of digital investigation: PhoneLog LAB.

The topics focus on the constant research of a certified knowledge-sharing profile, designed to fit the latest international investigative procedures in the field of cellular forensics, namely radio coverage survey and phone records examination.

We have recently been collaborating with Universities in the UK and Europe: we wish to expand our network to Institutions around the world.
The future of digital forensics is the sharing and growth of knowledge.

A quick overview of our products and solutions:

Phonelog is a software solution created from the imagination and desire of Nicola Chemello and Massimo Bastianon, two young IT engineers who in 2010 set out to create a system which would help investigative forensic data analysis: not a highlighter, a pen, and stacks of paper records, but a user-friendly, modern and efficient tool to save time and create strong forensic analysis.
The result is able to absorb, analyze and correlate data from different sources: call detail records, cell tower data, mobile extractions, investigation details. It simplifies the investigative task offering many ways to manage, organize and show results in a simple and efficient fashion.
Phonelog offers a variety of functions which range from map positioning, to defining user habits and interactions with other entities.
Correlating Phonelog’s ability to organize, correlate and define multilevel records in relation to mobile device extractions strengthens any investigation technique.
BTS tracker is a hardware solution designed to scan an area of interest and define its radio frequency environment: by specifically searching for cell towers data it will help an investigator define and understand the real coverage of an event of interest, saving time and fine-tuning research.
This is a specific tool for forensic data investigation activities, which combined with Phonelog is a unique and efficient investigation instrument created to solidify mobile data analysis using a carrier’s information.
LTE IMSI Catcher Detector is equipment designed to analyze, define and monitor the radio environment of a specific location. It is able to detect and notifies users when changes or threats modify the standard cell network environment, protecting from outside threats.
It runs a preventive action measuring radio environment activity and highlighting, if present, the intentional misuse of another IMSI Catcher in the target location.


All our solutions are designed in house and our passion to be the best possible supplier of forensic data and cell analysis tools is at the service of our students.
We also offer an online presentation of our products and services, which is 45 minutes and can give an idea of our company, with detailed simulations and case scenarios.